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Although I was part of the yearbook staff in high school, my true love for photography began in 2015 when I hiked the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. I shared images of my trek on social media and I kept receiving affirmations about my work. To keep a long story short, I got my hands on a Sony a6000 and stayed up until the sun came up watching YouTube videos and taking what I learned from there and implementing it into my photography while was traversing throughout the mountains, deserts, and valleys of the Western United States. Before I knew it, I was traveling participating in art festivals from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to San Diego, California, sharing and selling my work. 

Before COVID struck, I purchased a horse ranch just a stone-throw away from Yosemite National Park with the intentions of opening a gallery to sell my work. It wasn't long after that when my dreams of having a gallery faded away due to the restrictions that Yosemite N.P. had placed on attendance to the park. As luck would have it, I met a man who asked me to go and shoot his son's peewee football game one weekend. Up until then, I had no desire to shoot sports, people, or do any sort of portraiture work other than among friends. 

I was immediately hooked and I found myself up again until the early morning hours learning about and teaching myself all that I could about sports photography. It didn't take long until I found myself as the team photographer for a semi-pro soccer team in Central California. From there, I marketed myself, put together a portfolio, and begged and pleaded with professional teams up and down the coast to let me into just one game so that I could get some experience at the higher levels. I met a man by the name of John Todd, who teaches photography at Stanford University, owns a stock image company specializing in sports photography, and who was kind enough to mentor me. I took every grain of knowledge he gave to me and found myself shooting Major League Soccer matches to Super Bowl LVII Week in Phoenix, Arizona. It didn't matter to me what sport it was, as long as I had the opportunity to shoot it, so I began following the PGA Tour and attended most of the season in 2023. I played golf in high school and almost played at the collegiate level, so having a great understanding of the game propelled my golf photography that my work has been featured in Golf Digest, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The Bleacher Report, The PGA Tour, ISI Photos, Getty Images, and other notable media outlets. 

When I am not with family, or at the studio, I do freelance work for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Associated Press. I am also a father, an Army Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. 

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